Russian troops ‘being killed 10 to one’ by Ukraine heroes as Vlad’s men retreat

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RUSSIAN troops are being killed 10 to one by Ukraine heroes as Vlad’s men dump rusting Soviet tanks in a chaotic retreat, defence officials claim.

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council says Kremlin losses are significantly higher than Ukraine’s


A Ukrainian account showed large stockpiles of ammo and weapons being left behindCredit: Twitter


It is believed that Putin’s troops left the weaponry behind during a swift retreatCredit: Twitter


Ukraine have made massive gains in reclaiming territory recently

He told Channel 24: “For one of our fallen soldiers, there are 9-10 Russians who invaded our land. 

“This is a very interesting indicator, because according to the laws of war, you spend much more during the offensive than during the defence.”

Other Ukrainian outlets have shared footage of the incredible stockpiles left behind by Putin’s troops.

A video shared on social media showed piles of ammunition, weaponry and supplies abandoned in a depot in Balakliya.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian account claimed the retreating Russians were sending their troops into battle with decades old weaponry.

Rusted Soviet tanks are believed to have been captured by Zelensky’s heroes.

A tweet read: “Ukrainian soldiers have captured a T-62.

“The Russians are sending their troops into battle with 60 year old equipment.”

The Russian retreat comes after reports Vlad’s army appear to have suffered an astonishing collapse.

In the past few days, Ukrainian officials estimated to have reclaimed some 3,000 square kilometres of territory from Russia.

It marks the most dramatic shift in Ukrainian land since the start of the war in February.

British intelligence puts the scale of Ukrainian territory recaptured as twice the size of Greater London and including the key city of Izyum.

Ukraine has shown off some of the abandoned Russian military equipment which has fallen into its hands in recent days, estimated to be worth around £111 million.

On top of hundreds of abandoned vehicles and tanks, Ukrainian forces also discovered an enormous amount of ammunition and military drones.

One expert claimed Kyiv’s war trophies in the Kharkiv region amounted to more military hardware in three days than Germany had provided Ukraine in six months.

The stunning advance reportedly came after a Ukrainian “disinformation campaign” about a southern counter-offensive diverted thousands of Russian troops in the wrong direction.

As Putin’s soldiers flee their former strongholds, stories have emerged of panicked scenes on Ukraine’s eastern front.

Reports claim Russian soldiers looted clothes from Ukrainian homes so they could disguise themselves as civilians, stealing bicycles in their desperation to escape.

Other reports tell of Putin’s troops leaving behind mounds of munition and even half-eaten food as they scrambled to escape.

Ukraine’s brave leader Zelensky has vowed to keep storming forward as his troops reached the edge of Russian-held Donbas in a stunning counter-attack.

The lionhearted leader swooped into the town of Izium – a former Russian stronghold – days after Putin’s troops fled in their worst defeat since the retreat from Kyiv.

Zelensky watched a symbolic flag-raising amid the rubble of the bomb-blitzed town and vowed to “fly the blue-yellow flag” in every Ukrainian city.

His latest morale-boosting trip is in contrast to cowardly Putin whose only known meeting with frontline troops was in the safety of a hospital.

All you need to know about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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