Putin CUTS OFF gas for ‘maintenance’ as attack on West’s energy continues

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Putin’s warped commander urges tyrant to ‘wipe out the British Isles’

VLADIMIR Putin’s warped commander, Andrey Gurulyov, has urged the mad tyrant that he needs to “wipe out the British Isles” to win the war in Ukraine.

The Mirror reports how Andrey Gurulyov said on Russian TV that it would be the fastest way of defeating Ukraine.

On Russian TV, the lieutenant general said: “To serious things – London understands there is no defence against [Russian] hypersonic missiles.

“They understand, too, that the main target isn’t Germany or France – but the British Isles.”

Gurulyov added: “It is the closest target, it’s a nice target, which would allow [us] to change the outcome of this conflict [in Ukraine].

“So by completely wiping out the British Isles, I think we’ll finish this story.”

It comes as Putin has once again slashed Europe’s access to Russian gas, fueling fears the energy crisis will worsen as winter approaches.

The Kremlin’s energy firm Gazprom has informed French energy companies that from today it is reducing gas deliveries due to a contractual disagreement.

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