Incredible Video Shows Russian Soldier Hit By Ukrainian Munition Dropped By A Drone

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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for past six months.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for past six months. Since the war started on February 24 this year, numerous live have been lost. While the Russians have made inroads in the neighbouring country, the Ukrainian army has given befitting reply to the attackers. Now a drone footage is going viral on social media that shows a drone belonging to the Ukrainian military dropping a bomb on a pair of Russian soldiers.

The footage has been shared by a user named Nivivi on Reddit on Thursday.

The 22-second drone footage shows two Russian soldiers walking in a field. Suddenly, a bomb is dropped on them. While one of the soldiers runs away, realising the danger, the other is seen taking a stroll. He pays the price as according to the post, the second soldier was wounded in the attack due to coming in close contact with the bomb.

Since being shared, the post has received hundreds of upvotes and several comments. Some users gave important tips about saving lives in the war zones.

One user wrote, “The lesson: if you’re in a war-zone and your mate starts running, just run in the same direction. Don’t ask “where are you going?” Don’t make a funny face and say “what’s wrong with this guy?”, just run. But the more important lesson: don’t invade a country of free people and try to kill them.”

Another user said, “Catching munition is the new viral trend to go home alive.”


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